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Meet Karla Coppel | Founder of Karemi Cosmetics

Posted by SD Voyager on Apr 21st 2021

Meet Karla Coppel | Founder of Karemi Cosmetics

We’re so pumped about our conversation with Karla Coppel. Karla is the founder of Karemi Cosmetics and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this. Check out our conversation with KARLA below.

Hi Karla, thank you so much for sitting down with us again. For folks who might have missed our initial interview, can you start by briefly introducing yourself?
Hi, my name is Karla Coppel, Married to a great Guy and Mom of 2 amazing boys one 17 (Karlo) the other one 7 (Emiliano). I am the Founder of Karemi Cosmetics, a new makeup brand focusing on the well being of women, bringing only the best clean beauty products to the industry. I strongly believe that women are the pillars of society, and that is why it is my mission to educate and inform them about the hidden dangerous in cosmetic products, and also, encourage them towards self care, in every area of their lives.

How or what inspired you to start this cosmetic line?
Our health, our society, values have inspired me to created this brand promoting safety for within beauty needs of today’s woman. I always been in love with makeup so with that being said I have try all kinds of products from all brands, until one day I woke up with a huge swollen lip, not knowing it was from a lipstick I had recently bought. So I decided to do a lot of research and while doing this I uncovered a Dark Pandora Box behind the Beauty world, so many harsh chemicals in products out there that are actually extremely dangerous to our health in the short and long term wear. I must say that I was very concern knowing that we, most of the times don’t even know what’s in our beauty products, so throughout prayer and a lot of research, finally came up with the right formulas to create such amazing products, and high-end cosmetics brand, that is top quality in its ingredients and affordable to everyone.

Why is it important to teach women about using safe ingredients in their cosmetics?
Because as I mentioned before, I believe women are the pillars of society, what do I mean by that well is through women that life is brought to earth, is through women that children are being nurture, and families are born. It has often been said that the attitude of the wife/mother in the home setts the attitude for everyone else in the home. “If momma ain’t happy, nobody is happy”. it is worth to consider that the priorities set by the wife/mother have a direct influence on those of the rest of the family, too. In the makeup world their are many ingredients that not only are they rough on your skin but very unhealthy and dangerous, these can cause you from sensibility to your skin to even long term illness like cancer. And we all know what bad consequences can come with cancer.

How hard is it to build a brand?
Very Hard, I must say that whoever tells you they have the secret formula, or there is a short cut to it. They are lying, yes there is certain structure things, elements you must learn but ultimately it takes perseverance, endurance, lots of focus, determination, and hard work. Building a brand is the perfect opportunity to present your individuality in a very professional and unique way, You have to find the niche that will relate to your product or service, have consistency in what the message, it is, you’re trying to convey. Starting a brand is very hard, because there is too much competition, and you have to be very creative, to stand out amongst the crowd, you have to build relationships and trust from zero, work twice as hard in order to provide the customer with the amazing service that it leads to this trust/client/relationship.

Why the Virtuous Woman slogan?
Our motto is “A Virtuous Woman is hard to find. Live to be the Exception!” In todays society I feel there is a need to women to be reminded of their worth, each day that goes by, we see more and more women loosing their femininity, Yes women are becoming stronger but a what cost? Perhaps, some women instead of embracing their womanhood they are becoming more manly and competing against man. Women are definitely equal to men as far as worth and value, to Gods eyes, however we were made different with different roles and these roles are extremely important if we want to preserve families, continue to reproduce each other, in order to succeed and rise up, we all have virtuous God given talents that we must develop and learn how to use working as a team together with man not against them.

What are you trying to accomplish with this brand?
My ultimate goal is to see many women succeed in this world, creating more consciousness towards well being, mental, physical and spiritual health for the greater good of our society and our environment. Encouraging, and helping them on how to build this better life starting with something as simple as makeup.

What do you suggest women to do when buying cosmetics?
Read labels, investigate what the ingredients are if they are toxic or not, I know its hard to say with all this technical vocabulary on cosmetic labels. But now a days there is so much info on what is toxic and what not. If someone claims to sell a product from a certain brand in particular, make sure that they are listed as a distributor on their website, Popular brands will usually say or have information on who their distributors are, and what retailers carried their products or if none as well. Their is so much corruption when it comes to cosmetics, such as fake logos on the boxes, if a product claims to be certified within any organization or regulated within safety standards, make sure you check to see if these are accurate. You can always google it. Never buy second hand cosmetics, Or from people you don’t know, there are so many clones made in illegal labs that contain highly, and extremely dangerous chemicals, that can be very harmful to your skin and health.

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