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Fun facts about lipsticks

Nov 23rd 2020

Fun facts about lipsticks
  • Although the term “lipstick” was not used until 1880, the use of lipstick dates back to Ancient Egypt. It is said that Cleopatra made her red lipstick from triton shells and crushed carmen ants.
  • It is not considered acceptable to apply lipstick in public, especially at the dinner table in a fancy restaurant.
  • Have you ever seen a silent movie from 1920 and wondered why the actresses wore black lipstick? That’s because the film stock was sensitive to colour and the red lipstick would register as black!
  • White lipstick was a trend in the 1960s for a truly “mod” look.
  • Some shimmery lipsticks used to contain fish scales also known as “pearl essence” for brightness.
  • It is said that women who use lipstick daily involuntarily eat around four pounds of lipstick in their lifetime.
  • According to a study called the “lipstick effect”, women buy more lipstick during economic downturns due to the need for “cheap treats”.
  • Sales of lipstick also tend to rise on dark or rainy days. But can you blame us?
  • In the 1700s, a man could nullify his marriage if his wife had used lip rouge during their courtship. Oh, the horror!
  • Over 80 per cent of American women wear lipstick – that’s more than the French!